Colors of the West

by Mega Gem

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This album is dedicated equally to the people who inspired it, Jack O’Neill to mention one of many, and the hope that inspiration will come from it.

Thanks to Carol, Robin, Sven, Cyndy, Rich at Ghost House Studio, Lawrence, Brad and Libby at Same Cafe, Donna at Casa De Manuel, Dana, Jimmy, Denver,
And everyone else who helped to make this happen.


released October 19, 2012

All Songs written by Mega Gem

Produced by Rich Goldberg – At Ghost House Studios in Denver, Colorado
With help from Chris Olsen, Griff Snyder, and Oliver Ceelen

Recorded and engineered by Rich Goldberg
With help from Chris Olsen, Griffith James Snyder, and Oliver Ceelen

Arranged by Doo Crowder, Rich Goldberg, and Oliver Ceelen

Mastered by Carl Saff

Album Artwork by Emi Knight

Album Credits:

Oliver Ceelen- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass,
Mike Olmsted - Bass Gang Vocals
Mia Bandy - Writer (Mia’s Sing-along) Vocals, Bells
Jennifer Rahn - Writer (Merry Go Round) Autoharp, Vocals, Saxophone Clark Walker - Lead Guitar, Gang Vocals
Greg Jaworowski - Trumpet, Gang Vocals
Kayla Martin - Cello, Gang Vocals
Emi Knight – Vocals, Glockenspiel, Hand Bells
Rich Goldberg - Guitar, Synth, Hoots and hollers, Bass, Piano, Casio, Cell Phone, Midi instruments
Micah Bontrager – Piano, Synthesizer, Gang Vocals
Chris Durant – Drums
Nate Henricks – Guitar, Banjo, Drums, Musical Saw, Vocals, Glockenspiel, Recorder
Miles Thacker – Percussion
Doo Crowder – Arrangements, Gang Vocals
Stelth Ulvang – Flute, Obo, Melophone, Accordion, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Mandolin
Harry Tulchin – Dobro
Collin Andrews - Co-Writer (Creepy Fingers), Gang Vocals
Clayton Dexter Norman - Gang Vocals
Derek Roy - Gang Vocals
Chad Hagedorn – Co-Writer (Onions, Creepy Fingers), Banjo
Wendy Lynn Zeldin – Vocals
Solomon Hagedorn-Zeldin - Wiggling noises
Bonnie Gregory – Vocals
Griff Snyder – Kazoo, Vocals
Emily Hall – Viola
Anna Maddocks – Violin * Kelsey – Violin
Jason Cain – Drums, Percussion
Justin Deloach – Banjo
Vaughn McPherson - Piano
Tyler Ludwick - Co-Writer (for Rïassa)
Blake Stepan - Double Bass
Savannah Powell – Viola
Marie Hafeman Curran- Co-Writer (Onions, Creepy Fingers)




Mega Gem Denver, Colorado

We are Mega Gem. An orchestral pop punk band from Denver Colorado. We like to party.

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Track Name: Puddles
All the roads you rode upon
Will rupture in the sun
Enough begins to take its toll
Then sounds before your done
Down, down, down the rain comes
Crash colossal sound
Collections of our common fears
Now puddles on the ground

Around you
Surround you

I am not the giver, I am the river
I am the one that you would die for
I am not the great green ghost
I am the shining emerald coast

Around you
Surround you

We were the ones
We grew old in your sleep
We grew up with the sun
Cause you keep us real
Keep us feeling something at all
I was a ghost because
You wouldn't notice
But somewhere below
The ground keeps me from floating

We were all the same
Then you
You flew away from me
Track Name: Onions
She said thanks for being alive
With me right now
We scream loud enough to convince even ourselves
In the impossible embrace of moments like these
We find things to believe in
Like these sidewalk cracks that lead us
Back to the sea

So I fall asleep in the arms
Of a stranger again
Brave like the city
We are held by our own desires
As a thousand nights of rain
Go by almost unnoticed

Like the onions that make you cry
Or the dreams where you could fly
Your voice cracks...
Cracks to reach the note

There's no poem that can lift you
Where you can't already climb
No book to fill you in on the details
Of your own life
Collect moments in a jar
We sleep with grand ambitions
If everything could be held
We would fill our arms with nonsense
Track Name: Don't Call Me Romantic
The picture you painted
Flew from the wings that you wanted
But somehow, we never looked at the clock
The trees where I grew up,
They told me to walk each step in kindness
Because the dirt is the same
And I am no different

You told me your name
You told me something worth remembering
You said
When we grow up
We're not giving up
Cause I wanna grow up
So I don't have to feel so small

No, we’re not losing it yet
We’re not losing it yet
We're not losing it yet
We're not losing it yet

Because it makes me happy
When the rain comes
And your eyes they get wet
It makes me happy
When you tell me
This is exactly where you wanna be

It makes me happy
When we figured out that
We had it all wrong
It makes me happy
When we learn
To forgive ourselves anyway

No we’re not losing it yet
We’re not losing it yet
We're not losing it yet
No we haven't lost yet
Track Name: Creepy Fingers
So I wonder what affect
I might have on children
In their sad and bitter lives
With what words we greet each other gladly
Remind the petals not to drop

We grow crooked
Towards the only light we can find
Friendly pair of unknown hands
The TV screams it's not our fault
We're lonely
Help us find where we belong

I'm not ready to come home yet
I'm not ready to be all alone
In that great big city
We search for the lights that will guild us
But their not there at all
If we can forget our fear of the cold
We might make it
Where the stars can still shine

Oh your eyes
They don't remind me
Of other places I’ve been to
Oh my surprise
It’s not that useful
To find what we're made of

Some how I lose what I haven't found yet
Give for granted
Do not take
Track Name: Plans for the Future
If I were humble or if I were brave
The truth wouldn't be so hard to explain
I don't remember so I don't complain
But I don't wanna see you roll your eyes

As Light as a feather
At the edge of the wind
She slips and sinks slightly
Then starts to swim
I am still waiting and I am still sick
But I would like to smile
When no one is looking

Looking the books have been cooking
Down in the ground where the words were there waiting

They'd sing
Ohhhh please take us away from here

The windows were wide
Where the wind wanted in
But somewhere outside a new wall begins
Something real big or something real small
The roses were red and I counted them all

Ride upon ride upon the dirtiest roads
Dirty our eyes and dirty our clothes
Dirty our minds with your lushes
Failure, failure so gracious with grandeur
Dare ya dare ya I double dog dare ya!

Ohhhhh please take me away from here
Track Name: Mia’s Sing-Along
Day or night
Spring of fall
I like riding horses, today!

Just be your-self
Just be your-self
Just be your-self
Anything you want to be

Picking flowers
Picking clouds
Put a string on em, and pull em down


Wizard spell
Stormy Cloud
Put a giant hat
On the cloud
Now it doesn't know
Where to go!


Build a giant
Light castle
Way up high
In the sky
Where the moonlight likes
To Shine!

Just be your-self
Just be your-self
Just be your-self
But I'm crazy!
Track Name: The Right Thing To Do
In the morning
We might give what we have left
Then by the evening
We might ride on home
Oh and what a pretty place
The clouds they keep us guessing
Oh and what a pretty face,
Her smile it gathers slowly

We watch as the big plans roll in
Laying on our backs, well knowing
That some day
Breathing will be redundant
Visions will flicker, of the right thing
To do

Our hands will tremble
Then loose touch with what we hold dearly
Our feet will burn up
Then fall short of the places we send them
Our eyes will wander
then shut tight when it's too much to look at
Our minds will fool us with a note left that reads if only
Our hearts will give-up
Will give in
Then something much greater than our songs will give us strength
Track Name: For Raïssa
Breath breeds new wishes
For the weekly attempts
To mail all my failures
For your fingers to forgive me (now)
The ink in your skin
Is not the place you were born in
Hoping you won't forget
The wood or the stone

Will we
Find our
Prayers in a dumpster
They were stalking our mothers
Tracing these brand new shadows
Take this away from me
Please take this away from me

The day may break but we are not broken
Walking like angels, tired of wings
Once we were lost but now we are missing
These hopeless desires are the ones we are kissing

But I can not find you now,
I can not find you now,
I can not find you now,
I can not find you
Track Name: Merry Go Round
I may run away dear
But you can chase me
Oh you can chase me
But you, you will not follow
Oh no you won’t dear
And that’s fine with me

I will buy you flowers,
But they won’t make it
No they won’t make it
But you, you will not hear me
Cause the train is calling
Gotta ride alone

Here we go it’s the merry go round song
Won’t you join in
Dancing and all the hummingbirds singing
Soon we’ll be friends

I will keep your secret
But they might make me
No they won’t let me
But you, you will not mind dear
Cause they won’t find us
We’re goin’ roamin’ free

We will find our treasure
And sail off ever, oh and ever
But dreams don’t always make it
And that’s the story of you and me

Here we go on this merry go round
Falling slowly, wake my dear now
Track Name: Reckless Ambivalence
On the best nights of our lives
I fell asleep in the passenger seat
I watched you breathing
I couldn't help it
As knees fall to dirt
The rest will come later
The simple silence
That takes us where we need to be
It will fade sweetly

As the sun rises and I
The sun rises and I
I am still mourning

In this reckless ambivalence
We find ourselves lost again
These voices all sound the same
Here in the desert
On the ride home
The world looked so small
I wanted to reach out
I wanted to touch it all

As the sun rises and I
The sun rises and I
I am still mourning
Track Name: Advice from the Rain
In the absence of your breath
We will grow tall just like buildings
Standing still for just one minute
Then fall down
In the motion of this cycle
We keep rolling we keep spinning
We keep floating we keep thinning
Just like our father's hair

We will find
All the hands we need
To lift each other up
Let the sunlight warm our skin
We will be who we begin to be

By now you should have learned
That all the best poems were stolen from thieves
Glue against glue there's no telling how long this will last
Take advice from the rain and come
Down now
Down now
It's not your fault that your dying
The people you know there dying too
These hopeless dreams keep me getting out of bed In the morning

Mothers eyes wont be leaking
Fill the gap between dying and dead
As he screams toward the sky
We're already free
Track Name: Everything All The Time
When I wake up
The air is still all around
Your chest rises and climbs up tall
Then falls back down with the rest of us

So I'll pretend you’re the sun
Always there, I just can't always see you
Just like everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time
Our feet and our hopes they were warm again
Our feet and our hopes

The storms from back east
Will saturate the colors of the west

The words will drop like stones into water
Splash a little then sink deep
Similar feet in a brand new town
Helpless to forget what it feels like
I am learning that the people are the movement
And when we roll up, we roll over, we give up the chance to say
I surely miss you and I'm not sorry for that